No matter where life takes us, we tend to explore the world at our own pace, in competition with our old selves, striving strenuously to make a move that helps us to taste each part of the world in its own way. With this analogy in mind, one can do wonders and go above and beyond what one fathom. Wandering around the globe usually seems fanatical, with the fierce sounds of pessimism trying to pull one down from their dreams, it can be extremely difficult-particularly for a girl- to travel around the world “alone”. What is alone? Why was this word given birth? And by whom? It has always left me perplexed. If the seeds of misogyny weren’t sown, life for all would have been equal, no matter the sex. 


Exploring our home planet comes with its benefits, too, as an individual learns about the distinctive cultures of different people they meet during their journey. Their national cuisines, their rich heritage, or even how their country laid its foundation on merely cohesive confidence and belief. Meeting new people, visiting mesmerizing gifts of mother-earth, the dazzling star-gazing, and pondering over the beauty of nature or even the manmade skyscrapers that leave all awestruck is all indeed a work of art. Depending on what you wish to visit, though it can vary from person to person depending on their choice of interest, here is a list of five most visited tourist destinations in the year 2022:


Rio De Janeiro, Brasil 


With its beautiful buildings, stunning sights, and unbelievable views, Rio will be the most visited destination in 2022. From going on cable cars to enjoying their nightlife with a pinch of salsa and dancing till early morning hours, Rio is one of the most enticing places to visit and indeed be a part of your “to-go list.”


Paris, France


Who would not want to visit the city of love with their better half? During the evening, the Eiffel tower romanticizes everything. Be it the wrap you and your soulmate are sharing or the freshly-baked croissant you have in hand. Their food and vine will introduce a new way of tantalizing your taste buds, leaving you to ponder how something can be cooked so deliciously with love.


Maccha Picchu, Peru


This is the finest destination for any history lover. It highlights the fascinating cultures within its walls and shows around the shrinking amazon forest. The locals love to share their culture, customs and traditions. They also guide those tourists who are interested in knowing more and visiting the remote areas of the land which are of no comparison to any other destination. 


Sydney, Australia


Don’t want to get away from the beach? Sydney is the one place you need to opt for this vacation! You can be a beach maniac in the morning, a tourist in the afternoon and a party animal at night. You can be whatever you want and still be able to mingle with its people comfortably. The Sydney Opera house, Manly Beach, and the Blue mountains are some of the most beautiful sights. 


Cape Town, South Africa


This is the southern part of South Africa, where whales, dolphins, and intricate vineyards are available. You can have the opportunity of tasting the best vine in the world there. A “must do” for all tourists is a visit to the famous Robben Island, this is a historic prison where Nelson Mandela was held captive. 


Travelling has always been an escapade for many from all sorts of troubles in life, be it a disease, internal family problem, or even a break from an exhausting work schedule. It instigates a sense of aspiration in the hearts of many and helps us to know more about the world in which we live and scrutinize the fact that no one can preclude us. 


One must also keep in mind that travelling is not merely confined to sightseeing but also focuses on what we choose to stay in, five-star hotels, bed and breakfast, or even city-based apartments. The commute and source of travelling from one venue to another create great havoc too—if not organized correctly. One also needs to remember whether the country they chose to visit is safe or not. 

For many people, travelling is more about getting to know themselves more and is not just restricted to visiting new areas. It is rather a source of solace and comfort for them to allow them to unleash their true potential, self-heal, and even self-meditate. It lights up a spark in them to continue to aspire and outshine at all walks of life. 

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