Flipping through magazines and scrolling your social media feed always leaves you with a lot of inspiration but little thought on how to steer through all those ideas in the first place. Since not all of us have a susceptible fashion sense, at times it can be hard to even make basic decisions. These tips are just what you need to understand the world of fashion in itself.

Keeping in mind that our comfort is of just as much importance as are the periodic trends and personal aesthetics. Whether you’re buying clothes, footwear, jewelry, hair accessories, or even a bag it all comes down to your decision-making. Plaid shirts are going to be in fashion for a long time but what you’re going to wear with it, is going to make all the difference.

Understand that fast fashion isn’t worth all that investment, but what you carry and wear with your dresses, t-shirts, jumpsuits, or even that old cardigan and hoodie that you always end up putting on in winter.


Dresses are normally associated with two extreme ends, either with luxury outings and weddings or with summer and its day-to-day hustles.  Feeling breezy, classy, sophisticated? This is your sign to get a dress. But with this versatility comes the enigma of choice. And here is the cure.

With dresses heavy jewelry is never a good choice. Depending on the tone of color you’re wearing, wear small round earrings or hoop earrings, preferably silver.

Go for a very delicate necklace like a multi-charm necklace to show off your collarbone. Choose a metallic phone bag or a leaf beach bag to take it up a notch. And then to top it all off, wear stilettos or heeled mules and walk the heat off with style.

Shirts or T-shirts

Though often classified as practical wear there are a number of looks that you can pull off with them. A buttoned-up checkered shirt on top of denim shorts and fur sandals will be a perfect start for you to explore casual, silent fashion.

T-shirt on of jeans, a fawn-colored large blazer with white leaf platform clogs, or platform sandals. You can go for a tote bag or a ruched hobo handbag. These are a few overall sketches of what you can pull off with a shirt or a T-shirt.

The set of colors is definitely going to play a huge role but if you still feel a little skittish playing around with a pallet then go for darker colors or simple colors. Start off with everything black and then find your way from there.


As one of the classiest, trendy wears, jumpsuits have a lot to say about their adorner’s preference. Patterned and colorful with complimenting blazers are all the rage these days. What you can wear with those is a pair of either puffed sandals or ballerina sneakers to spice it up a little.

Jewelry with jumpsuits has a lot to do with your mood. Go for a shoulder handbag or an abacus bag and if you’re feeling like a queen or a diva, a heavy fine pair of geometrical combination earrings with a cosmic multi-charm bracelet would do wonders for your look!

Cardigans and hoodies

For reference, the styling and look correlated with these two wears are influenced by the K-pop industry at large. Oversized hoodies are quite popular among the new generation but pairing them with the right kind of pants and footwear is where the magic will happen.

Pairing cardigans with skirts and keeping the palette pastel, opting for a Carly saddle bag, or going for delicate hoop earrings and leaf platform clogs or sneakers is a wonderful way of bringing your cardigans back in the game.    

As for hoodies, it is trendy to wear them over ripped jeans or skirts even. Pairing them with platform sandals, and a delicate multi-charm bracelet. A mini flap, crossbody would take your previous look to cloud 9.

Your clothes don’t go out of fashion, the way you carry them does. Slip-on replacing sneakers could be the next trend but the best way to own fashion itself is to have fun. Playing around with colors and accessories is all about learning how to own your look. Fashion repeats itself at times as well. What was a whole other thing in the sixties or seventies thanks to stars like Marilyn Monroe and Jane Fonda, although lost to the ‘2000s was definitely acclaimed again by the world of fashion in recent years.

JW PEI captain the sails of this cruising journey to make fashion an exciting venture for all those who wish to explore. So, get ready to explore your creative side with JW PEI.

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