If you want your passion to meet the greens then you’ll have to swing, succeed, and repeat. You are not the only one who is in dire need of more golfing practice but getting more practice in means dropping other urgent tasks, events, and occasions for heading over to the court. This is almost impossible for many due to their hectic work schedules and routines. To prevent your golfing passion from turning into a failed attempt, you need to make the most of your leisure time and make any private space your golfing bliss where every swing resonates with the victory of your putter.

In this blog, I will guide you through the steps and necessities to maximize your golfing room experience. Puttr has made a great deal of effort to provide their customers with the below services and has made the practice exhilarating by integrating AI and golf.

Whether you want to practice short games, long games or just putting, there are ways to make it possible at home.

1. Make the Area Inviting:

You can’t improve yourself somewhere when the only thing conquering your mind is of leaving that place. Productivity is proportional to concentration and inversely proportional to disturbance. In simple words, one can’t be victorious at something, he hasn’t paid any attention to. To avoid such ineffective practice, one must keep himself in the surroundings where he is focused and relaxed. Bring out your golfing gear and put on the latest PGA tour event. You are more likely to dive into your passionate swinging spree.

Make your at-home practice location more inviting, and easily accessible such as Puttr which has connected the lonely putting to a lively worldwide gaming community that motivates others.

2. Use Training Aids:

To make the most of your in-home putting experience, get the proper training aids from where you can get dependable feedback consequently improving your swings. The importance of the feedback and advice can never be ignored. Puttr with its efficient AI and community linkage makes it possible for you to gain first-hand insights into your gameplay.

3. Learn to Track and Manage Progress:

One of the most important aspects of home training space is recording and tracking your progress through your practices. Download apps to manage your pace and track your progress. With Puttr, this is no longer an issue because Puttr has created an easily accessible app that shows your progress in different stages in real time through stats.

4. Check for Space First:

You’ll need to check the area you are opting to be in for your practice has ample space for your swings and is not a hindrance to your putting exercise.


5. Don’t Forget About Exercise:

Doing yoga, meditation, or jogging will also be considered a part of your practice because these exercises can help significantly in focusing resulting in better game performance.


6. Put Your Mind to It:

Focus is everything. With each shot, you need to stay calm, composed, and steady to achieve great heights in golf, especially in putting. Our mind is powerful enough to change the course of the game. So train your mind for the positive changes and to avoid loss before literally failing.


7. Be Careful before Buying:

With the bombardment of new apps and devices in the market, it is difficult to find an affordable yet reliable training device and golf gear. Start with less-expensive yet high-impact training devices and climb your way up.

Home training requires dedication and hard work because it is easy for one to lose motivation as compared to on-ground training due to restricted space, diverging attention spans, and ample loneliness causing demotivation in the players. To help yourself from falling into this destructive cycle, you need to ferociously train your mind and wisely invest in proper training tools such as Puttr, take feedback, put raps and progressively get better over time. This is the only way to be the Jack of all in the golf and Putting.

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