Laying around all day is a much-endeavored idea after working without a break for five days straight in a week which is solely spent meeting the deadlines.


How can anyone overlook the beguiling idea of laying around all day on their days off? But then there you have it, a stiff shoulder, an aching, crouched back, and a mind that happens to be on the brink of complete burnout.


If you can relate, here is the perfect guide for you.




It is a practice that has been done ever since the 3rd and 6th centuries BC. Through meditation, people work on practicing mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness has been known for helping the brain change, divert and influence the activity with attention and emotion regulation. After a tiring day at work, infused with listening to everyone but yourself, a good meditation is the least you owe yourself.

  1. Find a suitable space to sit in a comfortable, straight sitting position.
  2. Set a timer 
  3. Take deep breaths 
  4. Be kind to your thoughts and yourself.




A word that means `union` in Sanskrit means to exist in a state in which your physical and mental state are pretty much one.


There are certain poses you can start with. Some basic steps like Ardha uttanasana `intense half stretch pose`, tadasana `mountain pose or stretching while standing on your toes straight`, vrikshasana `tree pose or resting your feet on your other leg`s thigh in a standing position with your hands joined and stretched out on top` more others.


Yoga, in general, is a practice that puts your mind at ease and helps you let go of all the dark and disturbing energy you end up acquiring when you subconsciously horde stress and tension. So the perfect way for you to truly let go!




Nothing complicated and fast if you walk 3 to 5 miles daily when it is feasible. Walking is a cardiovascular exercise that helps your heart do its best! So find yourself a road, a path which you enjoy and put your mind and your heart at peace.




Ever done a task as simple as picking up a cardboard box and then having your muscles pulled only because of that!? Well, stretching is just the thing for you to save yourself the effort of recovering from the pain and the embarrassment that comes with it! In addition, stretching every day for 15 to 30mins improves the movement of your joints, increases the flow of blood in your muscles, improves your stamina, and if nothing else, then it does give you the motivation it takes to do more.


A healthy intake of food 


As relegating as it sounds on the ultimate spectrum and as how often it is misunderstood as `dieting`. `Healthy intake of food` is genuinely quite the opposite of it all. Having a healthy diet is a mixture of having more nutritious food on your plate, listening to your body, and enjoying what you`re having for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; believe it or not, you are what you consume.


Go for all you love eating in fruits, vegetables, meat, dry fruits, avoid certain fruits, vegetables or anything other than that If you don`t like it. But don`t eliminate all dry fruits from your diet if you just don`t like almonds. Instead, eat everything in a moderate amount and never don`t forget to listen to your body. That`s all you have to do for a healthy diet!




This may sound off-note, but sleeping 8 hours or close to 8 hours is more than just mandatory. It`s necessary! With teenagers comes rebellion, and with adulthood comes responsibility. The irony is that in both cases, we end up neglecting sleep either out of a sense of rebellion or duty.


But the fact that lack of sleep reduces your reaction time in any situation, reduces your attention span, and increases the possibility of high blood pressure, stroke, and heart failure; stands adamant as always. So, skipping out on sleep is a big no!


Find yourself an Activity


If you enjoy a sport, whether it is table tennis, badminton, volleyball or throwball, or any other sport involving physical exercise, go for it! That would be the perfect way for you to stay in shape if you are a sports person. All else will align itself with your drive to perform well on the field. Of course, this Tip isn`t for everyone but if you want to enjoy it, taking up a challenge always makes the run worth it! And you might end up finding your niche in sports.


This guide may not have all that you could have been looking for, but this is all you may need to start on this journey of self-care and self-improvement. Of course, staying mentally fit will play its role in helping you stay physically fit, and once you make your debut, the last thing you`ll hear will be a creaking knee!

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