Just like art, makeup and beauty products are something which you can play around with, create innovative looks and make your trend.


Lately, different brands have been introducing other brands, and more and more new looks are being introduced, completely changing your appearance and making you stunning.


Here are ten beauty-related trends that have been popular in the past few months:


Soap Eyebrows


The trend of soapy eyebrows was introduced two years ago, it is still popular because of the stunning look it gives. This trend is all about shaping your eyebrows with a simple spool with the help of soap and creating thick and bushy eyebrows.


Many tubers and beauty influencers swear by this method of eyebrow shaping as it is much easier than carving the shape of your eyebrows with concealer, giving a natural yet elegant touch to your face.


Thin Eyebrows


The second eye-related trend is making thin eyebrows. Who thought that the trend of the late 90s would be back? A few celebrities have been seen with thinly carved eyebrows at different events, whereas you can even see tiktokers following the same trend.


The thin eyebrow gives a sharp and mature look to any kind of look makeup and can even be faked with concealer and brow pencil instead of totally plucking the hair out.


White Eyeliner


The white liner trend is one of the trends that at first shocked people but now has gained a positive response primarily.


This unique eyeliner can pop up your eye shape, and you can make a cat eye shape with it some eyeliner on the rim of your inner eye to enhance the colour and the almond shape of your eye.


Moreover, a great and popular way to apply it is by outlining the liner with a dark-coloured eye shadow to enhance the beauty of your eyes.


Lower Lash Liner


In the past few years, we saw the trend of eye shadow on the lower lash gain popularity, and now it has elevated to applying eyeliner towards the bottom lash as well.


Moreover, you don`t even need to apply the lower lash liner according to your eye shape, which is great for all eye types, especially for hooded eyes.


Gems on eyes


Applying large and small multi-coloured gems to your eyes has widely gained popularity and is especially a great touch to a formal and glam look.


The trend of 2021 is still ongoing and can be seen in various eye makeup tutorials, especially for makeup for parties or if you want to go for a full makeup look.


Metallic eye shadow


Highly pigmented glimmering eye shadow is also trendy in the makeup and makeover industry.


The key ingredient to the perfect metallic eye shadow look is pigmentation. If your eye shadow is highly pigmented, it will give the eyes a pop of disco and shine.


Glossy and bright lips


Now, let`s talk about trends related to lips. The on and off going trend of lip gloss is back once again. However, shimmering and dark-coloured lips are the really popular ones.


After covid, since masks have been taken off, people are going back to appreciating and enhancing their lips with glossy and moisturized lips with bold and dark colours.


Nude lips


Nude lipsticks have their very own place in the wide world of makeup products.


After the trend of concealed lip tints, the trend of appreciating your full and plump lips is back. Nude lipsticks are also a major part of forming a natural look, and therefore it is something that can be applied with or without any makeup.


Monochrome Makeup


Monotone makeup is the basic look to go for when you want to appreciate your natural skin colour.


Light-skinned people should generally apply nude and pale-coloured products to create this look, whereas dark-skinned individuals apply dark and bronzing colours. It is also a great way to bring forth warm colour products, whether eye shadows, lipsticks, or highlighters.


Bright blush and dolphin skin trend


Applying a lot of blush on your face never gets old, and let`s be honest; blush is a really important factor in enhancing any kind of look, whether a natural look or a full coverage one.


Lately, bright-coloured blushes have gained a lot of popularity, especially those with an orange or deep pink colour.


Other than blush, highlighting the curves and bends has also been popular to enhance your face shape, especially your cheekbones and temples, beneath the eyebrow, on the tip of your nose, and on the upper lip, to create a clean look referred to as the dolphin look.


With the ongoing beauty trends, many old ones have come back, and new trends have also been introduced. It all depends on how creative you get with your products.


Trying out all of the trends and makeup looks above gives a different and new touch to your natural beauty and is also a great way to appreciate your features and makeup

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